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Selling items online has become a common practice for many, with platforms like eBay offering a marketplace for a wide range of products. However, selling on eBay comes with its own set of challenges that can make the process less appealing, especially for those with specific items like vintage lighters. In contrast, specialized services like Sellmylighters.com offer a more streamlined and beneficial experience for sellers. Let’s delve into the negatives of selling on eBay and the advantages of choosing Sellmylighters.com for your vintage lighter collection.


The Downsides of Selling on eBay

Listing Process
Selling Lighters on eBayCreating a listing on eBay requires high-quality photos, detailed descriptions, and setting a competitive price. This process can be particularly time-consuming for sellers with a large collection of items.

eBay charges a listing fee and a final value fee, which as of 2024, stands at 12.35% on the total sale amount up to $750. These fees can significantly reduce the seller’s profit margin.

Shipping Responsibilities
Sellers are responsible for packing and shipping their items, which not only adds an extra layer of hassle but also incurs additional costs, particularly if offering free shipping to attract buyers.

Customer Service
Dealing with buyer inquiries, returns, or disputes requires time and effort, adding to the stress of selling.

The Benefits of Selling to Sellmylighters.com


Expertise and Experience
With over 30 years of experience in collectibles, Sellmylighters.com specializes in a wide range of lighters, from vintage to modern, ensuring your items are accurately evaluated

Convenience and Flexibility
They offer a convenient service, including traveling globally for in-person evaluations of larger collections, saving sellers significant time and effort

Simple Selling Process
The process is straightforward: contact them, provide photos and descriptions, receive an offer, prepare your lighters for shipment, and get paid

Competitive Offers
Sellmylighters.com provides competitive cash offers that reflect the rarity, condition, and market value of your lighters, often resulting in a better return than selling through other platforms

Wide Range of Accepted Brands
They buy various lighter brands, allowing sellers to sell a large part of their collection to one buyer, which is more efficient than finding individual buyers for each brand

Interest in Various Types of Lighters
Their broad interest in all types of lighters, including pocket, table, trench, military, novelty, flat advertising lighters, and more, makes it easier for sellers to offload their entire collection


While eBay offers a vast marketplace for sellers, the challenges associated with listing, fees, shipping, and customer service can make it a less attractive option for selling specific items like vintage lighters. On the other hand, Sellmylighters.com provides a specialized, convenient, and efficient alternative, with the expertise to ensure you get a fair price for your collection. Their simple process, competitive offers, and willingness to buy a wide range of brands and types of lighters make them an excellent choice for anyone looking to sell their vintage lighters.

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