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I had a moderately large collection of Zippo lighters that I was looking to sell. I put a post on our local FaceBook page and asked if anybody knew of someone who would be interested in them.


A gentleman came back to me and suggested contacting Stacey Markham. Her contact information was exchanged, I emailed her and she responded in a very short time. Stacey requested photos of the entire collection. The photos were submitted to her and an equitable offer was made. Payment was fast. Shipping instructions were clear and concise. This was an exceptionally smooth transaction and would definitely do business again with Stacey. I would highly recommend her services, she is upfront and sincere. ~ Patricia S. from Texas.

In dealing with Stacey, who I call the “The Zippo Lady” I found her to be very easy to deal with, honest above reproach & pleasant beyond belief. I would have no problem dealing with her again. I found our transaction to be overall very pleasant. I would have to rate Stacey 5 stars. ~ G.L. Clough II from Michigan

“I had an amazing experience with this company! Stacey was top-notch, and what she paid for my collection exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to sell their lighter collection.  ~ JR Greene from NY

Received your check today.. Thank you for being so accommodating with payment and your consideration of the lighter, glad we were able to find “Lighters International “ who appreciates these items, would hate to have had it thrown out!  ~ John from Minnesota ​


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