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What types of vintage lighters do you purchase?
We purchase collections of popular brands such as Zippo, DuPont, Ronson, Dunhill, Colibri, Evans, Park, Scripto, Thorens, and more. We buy pocket, table, mechanical, and novelty lighters. See What We Buy and Zippo Lighters Wanted

What condition do the lighters need to be in for you to purchase them?
We purchase new, never used, and used lighters. See What Factors Affect the Value of Vintage Lighters?

Do you purchase lighters that are not in working condition?
We do purchase some lighters that need to be fixed.

How do you determine the value of a vintage lighter?
Values are constantly changing. We value a specific lighter based on the current market and demand. See What’s My Lighter Worth? and Are Your Old Lighters Worth Money?

What is the process for selling a vintage lighter collection to your company?
To sell to us, give us a call or send an email. We will discuss what you have for sale. For more extensive collections, we will travel to you. We will evaluate the collection and make an offer to buy the collection. If you decide to sell, we will pay you in cash. If it is a smaller collection, you can send pictures and details of what you have. We will send you payment and a shipping label if we agree on a price. You will put them in a box, place the shipping label provided to you on the box, and mail them after receiving payment.

What is the payment process for selling a vintage lighter collection?
We will pay cash in person. We will send you a PayPal or Venmo payment for smaller collections, and you can package and ship the items to us. You only need to ship something once payment is received.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of lighters that you purchase at a time?
We do not have a minimum or maximum; we will buy one or 10,000+ at a time. However, you will ship the small collections to us, and we will travel to you for the more extensive collections.

Do you purchase lighters from outside of the country?
We do buy from outside the country.

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